Why we’re doing the Wiki Carpathians website

Wiki Carpathians is a team of young people who are united by love to Ukrainian Carpathians. That is why in this region we were born and live. The spirit of Carpathian Mountains is in our blood.

The website was presented to the world first in February 2015 and is a continuation of green-urkaine.com, created in 2010.

The purpose of Wiki Carpathians is to give the users from all around the world a maximum of useful information about Ukrainian Carpathians, people who live there, their culture and way of living, their past and the present. At the same time, we want to make the Carpathian Mountains popular in the whole world to inspire tourists to come to our beautiful land.

The website is available in English and German. Anyone can leave their comments or ask questions on the website. Besides that we welcome articles about Carpathians by other authors. Send your materials about your visits to Carpathians, your impressions, photo and video. We will surely post them with credits for the author.

With regards,
Wiki Carpathians’ team