The object “C”. Truth and myths about “The secret of Delyatyn” or “Ivano-Frankivsk 16″ between the Carpathians

delyatyn military baseThe road to the Carpathians is always picturesque-magical. No matter how many times you go on it still seems like for the first time you see mountains that slowly coming against you, and that in some minutes – they will crush you like a midge. But no, the road makes a sharp turn, and then you move in between the green hills of ancient Carpathian Mountains. These mountains still fraught with many secrets, mysteries, which even the ubiquitous “Google-Maps” does not know about, showing on the screen instead a small white spot of pictures. One of them will be described below.

At the time of dissolution of the Union Ukraine was the second (after Russia) in size of the arsenal of strategic and tactical ammunition – 2345 units. Almost all of them occasionally held services here in the Carpathians.

The object “C” in the Carpathians

If you will ever have to look for a person in Ivano-Frankivsk by the postal address: Aviation St., 16, then do not even start. Because there was never such a house in an old Stanislav. Although this address officially exists for fifty years already! And there is the whole military town with a population of nearly two thousand lies behind it.

delyatyn military base carpathiansTo hide the main goal of the base it was classified as aviation fighter.

This is one of the 13 central bases for storing nuclear weapons of the former Soviet Union, the so-called “Object” C “. (This was used for institutions in the top-secret documents of that time). The base is situated 70 kilometers from the regional center in the valley near the Carpathian village Delyatyn. In Soviet times, here were served warheads of strategic, tactical and intercontinental missiles that carry duty from Moldova and Zakarpattya to the Black Sea. With the collapse of the Union, the part of it left, and the area of its work has changed radically.

Truth and myths about the “The secret of Delyatyn”

There is unremarkable narrow village road that leads to the military town. When you go through pits and potholes on the road, it is difficult to believe that it leads to the former top-secret and one of the most funded facilities of our country. However, the secrecy demanded it and generals of various ranks, who came here from time to time, “shaken off the hardwood dust” passing cars along Hutsul houses. After going in nearly four kilometers from the main highway Ivano-Frankivsk-Yaremche suddenly behind the corner, see at the checkpoint. Made it seems like a checkpoint. There are two concrete blocks across the road and high metal gates firmly locked. Strict control of documents, verifying with data of control authorities. Although times have changed, but the orders still remains. Despite the fact that a civil bus rides to the military town “Delyatyn” now, cars that serve local shops and bars were there many times, it is impossible to get onto the territory of the town without a special permit pass card.

The road from the checkpoint to the inhabited area it’s another six miles of mountain trails. Occasionally you can see the old apple orchards on the side, the shape of which can tell you where peasant houses were. At one time, there was a large village Luh, which by the decision of Stalin was fully moved, and homes destroyed. One of the most common half fairy tails about creating a base says that Lavrentiy Beria randomly poked a finger at the map of the Carpathian Mountains and ordered the creation of a strong base there.

This is difficult to believe. It is actually a very good location for selected base – in the middle of a long Carpathian valley, which is securely covered by mountains. However, there is some truth in the story of creation of the base, hence the long deep tunnel in the mountains pierced of the labor of many thousands of prisoners of the USSR. Local residents were not used for that work, and they were not even aware of what was happening behind the barbed wire, which surrounded mountains all around. According to the established by the Soviet counterintelligence legend, everyone who served here in the time of the Union had nothing like a Moscow residence. Children studied in a Moscow school number 131, and juniors went to Moscow kindergarten. Local shops were also on providing by the capital. That is why even in the hardest times caviar, expensive clothes, and appliances were available here. There were its own hospital in the town. However, to get here, as well as to leave, was possible only by a special train with the windows closed, which from the outside looked like an ordinary second-class train.

To hide the main goal of the base it was classified as aviation fighter. In plain view (which you can see as well from aircraft and from space), the body MiG-15 was put on the pedestal, military personnel were all wearing only flying uniform. All marks on the club and other buildings of campus showed only air service area of work. And in addition, to make it more convincing if at any of the tourist centers in the Carpathian Mountains foreign spy suddenly appeared, real planes were flying over the town several times a week that dropped almost to the roof and quickly flew over the mountains.

Those who rest in Yaremche or Vorokhta really had the impression that the planes taking off from some unseen mountain airfield. As for the defense of the top-secret facility, everything was thought in details. There were created a series of underground tunnels in the rocks, which united system of pillboxes and bunkers. The mountains were strapped in network of barbed wire with the whole system of the most advanced alarm. For those who dared to storm the facility, it would be extremely difficult, because the mountains themselves were a safe, natural protection, serving as a kind of rock walls of the fort. According to various declassified data at the time of dissolution of the Union Ukraine was the second (after Russia) in size of the arsenal of strategic and tactical ammunition – 2345 units. Almost all of them occasionally held services here in the Carpathians. It’s unknown about how many people went through service in this town, because most of the documents relating to the life and work “of the Moscow region” Ukraine, still remains a mystery.

Ground warehouses

The whole area of military garrison is conventionally divided into three parts: living civilians, military town, and the third – the so-called technical area. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and Ukraine’s rejection of nuclear weapons underground storage Delyatyn got empty. However, it didn’t have to stay unused. By the decision of the Ministry of Defense most of the arsenals of Western Ukraine was relocated here.

Artillery and rocket ammo once kept close to major cities and represented a threat to their residents, now they were securely covered with a layer of mountains. The territory of both the base and technical facilities were under strict protection, which had automated tracking system. So sneaking here unnoticed was impossible. Even the ubiquitous boys, children of military personnel, know that their field of games and entertainment limited by civil town. However, compared to Soviet standards openness greatly improved, however access to the technical area are still strictly regulated. Only a limited number of people can get inside storages.

Another issue – the presence of entertainment here. Some residents of the town say there is no better holiday than here in the mountains: – skiing and skating in winter, in the summer – fishing, mushroom or a cozy picnic on a forest glade. However, some young people complain that there is nothing to do. For there is no theater or even disco. Until recently, there was not even a TV. But the problem now is solved by satellite antennas on the facades of buildings.

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