Restaurants and cafes of old Stanislav

edisson caffe stanislawowPublic catering in our city have been known for long time. However, most of them in the nineteenth century were the inns of low-maintenance, which served simple dishes and drinks. These inns in Halytchyna often called “mordovnya” because almost every day there were fights. In Stanislav inns located in public places such as near Market. Of course, respectable and reputable tradesmen avoided such establishments. They visited the restaurant and cafes

Meals in Stanislav’s restaurants varied and combined the traditions of Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish, Austrian cuisines.

Seldelmayer’s restaurant

One of the oldest restaurants in the city was restaurant Seldelmayyera, the owner of the brewery, which was located on the same-name street (now – st. Novgorod) and built back in the nineteenth century. Here you can enjoy a beer of Stanislaviv production. Great Hall of the restaurant could accommodate up to 500 people and has been rented for various meetings. Advertising in the newspaper “Ukrainian Life” from April 3, 1921 brings us in the past: “Beer Zedelmayyera from first steam in brewery Stanislav produces beer: clear exports… you can get it in hectoliters, barrels, buckets, liter bottle, eights. Intercession in all cities!”

Casino restaurant

Residents loved to gather in the restaurant “Casino” opened in November 1896, which was on the street Sapizhynskiy 12 (now – space library for youth on the street Independence). Today the name “Casino” has acquired a somewhat negative connotation, but in the past it was a place of various fun, dancing parties and social events.

The restaurant had introduced tickets for lunch and dinner. In the newspaper “Ukrainian life” on May 15, 1921 we can read advertising of “Casino”:

Restoration of Anton Harhesgaymer

“Restoration of Anton Harhesgaymer in Stanislav, Sapizhynska St, 12  daily serves fresh fish and beer of paramount quality. Cheap and delicious cuisine. Accepts orders for evenings, weddings.”

Modern restaurants and cafés of European style appeared in the city in between nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Union restaurant

In 1898, in stone-café of restaurateur Herman Buss (until recently there was a bookstore on the St. Independence, 19) there opened the first elite coffee-restaurant “Union”. After 15 years, cafe has moved to the newly built hotel “Union” at the beginning of the street (now – Hotel “Kyiv”).

Restaurant Piano

In the summer of 1903 on the St. Sobieski (now – Sich Riflemen, 24) opened the restaurant “Piano” with a large hall, billiards (“sharovnya”) and cafe. Every night there was playing very popular in those days orchestra 24 infantry regiment at the restaurant. However, despite the magnificent opening, the restaurant was not exemplary and often was interpreted by demanding residents as second-rate.

Restaurant in the Central hotel

In the nineteenth century European restaurants menu were introduced, i.e. the list of all dishes that restaurant cuisine can offer. Stanislav kept up with innovations as well. The first menu appeared in the city at the restaurant, which opened in 1906 at the hotel “Central” on the St. Sobieski, 4 (now – st. Sich Riflemen, military facilities “Star”). The owner of the restaurant A. Lihenza was natively from Krakow. Dinner from 5 meals at this restaurant was worth of 2 crowns and a 4-course – 1.4 crowns (concidering that the average salary at the time was 100 crowns).

Restaurant and a coffee shop in the hotel “Austria”

May 1, 1914 there were opened a restaurant and a coffee shop in the hotel “Austria” (in Polish – “Warsaw”) on the St. Sobieski, 16 (now – the hotel “Dniester” at the corner of Sich Riflemen and Shevchenko), which offered the visitors’ first class service with European comfort, central heating, water pipes, electric lighting, affordable prices and solid services.”

On the St. Sapizhynskiy (now – Independence, 11) at the 5-floor building of King Hausvald, built in 1914, there was the restaurant Haubenshtoka. Subsequently restaurant changed its address and is located to the St. Sobieski, 22.

After building in 1904 of Passage Gartenberg fashionable café, later – restaurant “Edison” or “Passage”, was put on the second floor of the building.

Stanislav restaurants

According to the “Informer of Stanislav” issued in 1929, there were 11 restaurants. Besides the already known “Haubenstock”, “Casino”, “Warsaw”, “Union”, there also worked “Bristol” on the St. Sobieski, 17 (now – st. Sich Riflemen), “Flieg Karol” on the St. 3 Maja (now – st. Hrushevsky), “Ziemianska” on the St. Armenian, 18 (now – st. Melnychuk) and restaurants without names owned by S. Hendler, M. Habner, F. Karchevich, T. Kwiatkowski.

More new restaurants opened in Stanyslaviv in the mid 1930s, but there is a little information about them. According to data of a Provincial fund management of labor in Stanislav during 1933-1934 there worked restaurants of owners Solomon Hendlera, Pikauza; during the 1934-1939 – “Mirage” of Clare Rubin, “Andrew” of Leonily Fenih, railway restaurant Philomena Chap, “Louvre” of Adele; during the 1937-1939 – cafe-restaurant of Khaimah Friedman; in 1939 – the restaurant “Malopolyanka” by owner Jadwiga Ackerman.

Stanislav restaurateurs were united in society of restaurant owners, which was headed by M. Haubenshtok. On September 10, 1936 in Lviv there was held a Congress of restaurateurs of Poland, which was attended by restaurant owners from Stanislav.

Meals in Stanislav’s restaurants varied and combined the traditions of Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish, Austrian cuisines. At one table there could be seamlessly united Jewish chicken soup, Ukrainian dumplings and apple strudel – the Austrian imperial dish. Of course, not without coffee – really traditional Galician drink! Black coffee sometimes was called “Capuchin” coffee with milk – “melyanzh”, you could order a layered coffee dessert.

Pastry coffee shops in Stanislav

In the city there also were working cafes and tsukornyas. In 1929, favorite city cafes were “Haubenstock”, “Warsaw”, “Union”, “Passage”, located next to the restaurants of the same name, and also “Metropol” on the st. Shydlovskoho, 1 (now – St. Hrushevskoho).

Tsukornyas, i.e. pastry coffee shops were popular among Stanislav’s ladies. The most famous was tsukornya V. Skruta, which was located on the St. Kazymyrivska, 4 (now – St. Hetman Mazepa, where there is the shop “Hats”). Also known tsukorni on St. 3 Maja, 1 (now – Hrushevskogo St.) “Factory of chocolate and sweets dessert” V. Krovinskoho on St. Sapizhynskiy 4 (st. Independence), “Comfort” on the St. Kazemyrivskiy, 9 (St. Hetman Mazepa), “Zakopane” on the St. Hoslavskoho (now – st. Dmitry Vitovskogo) and others. About range of tsukornyas we read in advertising, “John Staff’s Tsukornya in Stanislav on the St. Mickiewicz serves their products: cakes, sugar, pastry, ice cream.”

For the pleasure of residents of Ivano-Frankivsk, tradition of tsukornyas began to recover – now in coffee shops you can taste chocolate of their own production. A good tradition – elegant, tasty, healthy!

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