Rivers of Ukrainian Carpathians

rivers carpathian mountainsAccording to surveys, the Carpathians have about 28 200 rivers. In ancient times, rivers were used for floating Carpathian Forest, now it is prohibited. Even in between mountains there is museum of forest rafting which can be found on the turn on the way to Lake Synevyr. Also there is Tereble-Richska plant. Which is determined by the complexity of the design and underground tunnels through the mountain.

In ancient times, rivers were used for floating Carpathian Forest, now it is prohibited.

Major rivers in the Carpathians are: Dniester and Tisza. Smaller rivers are a right tributary of the Dniester River and lefts of Tisza. There are river formed due to faults in earth: top of Dniester, Latorytsya, Teresva, Tisa, Stry, Prut, Siret, Uh, White and Black Cheremosh. Rivers begin in the depths of the mountains, at high altitudes. Carpathian rivers are mountain rivers. There are narrow and deep valleys and swift slopes. Often there are rapids and waterfalls. The depth of Carpathians rivers are small: 0.8-1.5 m. Flow – 3.5 m/sec.

Carpathian rivers are mountain rivers. There are narrow and deep valleys and swift slopes.

In powering of Carpathian rivers participates rain, seasonal snow, soil and groundwater. The role of these sources varies for different rivers. With increasing of the height of the catchment there is a redistribution of power sources – a growing share of snow and underground power and slightly reduced role of rain.

Carpathian rivers lead to the floods. Even from a small source “terrible beast” can grow that blows everything in its path. They cause the major national economy material damage, destroying highways and railways, demolish bridges, washing crops, harvested timber, damaging buildings, industrial and agricultural buildings. A bed and banks of rivers get washed away by floods. The story of catastrophic floods on a river Cheremosh was in 1927. To protect the coast they create fortifications. However, the fight against floods ineffective, it is still not the right size. But the reason is not only excessive amount of water. But also in the mass deforestation. Although the government that manages it, denies everything. It is their right. But we must fight it!

Prut River

The left tributary of the Danube. Originates on the slopes of Goverla at an altitude of 1750 m. Initially flows from south to north, cutting ridges deep valley. In line with many rapids, waterfalls, particularly beneath the mountain. The picturesque waterfall is also about Yaremche, its height of 15 meters.

Going of the foothills Prut turns to the southeast. Almost to the city of Chernivtsi river has mountain character. Depth of down cutting its channel reaches 200 meters. There is a clear right bank asymmetry. Widest at Delyatyn village, in some places forms a stretch where depth can reach 11 meters. Near the city of Chernivtsi, it is crossing the state border and flows between Romania and Moldova. Turbidity of the river is 400 – 430 g/m³. The main tributaries of the Prut is Tlumachyk (33 km), Pistynka (56 km), Dobrovidka (26 km), Turk (40 km), Rybnytsia (54 km) and Cheremosh (80 km). There are mills bank is hydroelectric on it.

Cheremosh River

One of the largest right tributary of the Prut. Flows on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi regions. Formed from the merger of White and Black Cheremosh in Usteriky village in Verkhovyna reduction. These rivers begin at the harmlessly emboss of Ukrainian Carpathians – Chyvchyny in the mountains at an altitude of 1680 meters – and flowing in a narrow, gorge like upper valley. The main tributary – Putila. Powered by rain and snow. Water flow in the mouth – 29 m³/sec.

White Cheremosh River

Proceeds on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi regions. Right leak of Cheremosh. The valley is winding, gorge like. Mostly thresholds with a height of fall of water – 1.6 m and rapid. Powered by rain.

Black Cheremosh River

Left leak of Cheremosh. Originates in the northeastern slopes of the Carpathians Chyvchyny. Powered by mixed predominance of rain and snow. The banks are fenced on large near bank area.

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