Lake Synevyr in the Carpathians – the most beautiful lake of Ukraine

The most picturesque parts of Transcarpathia is rightly considered to be Mizhhirschyna. It beckons travelers by wooded mountains, meadows, rapid rivers Tereblya and Black River, medicinal springs of mineral water like Burkut.

The largest lake of Transcarpathia is Synevyr, which was formed 10 thousand years ago, at an altitude of 989 meters above the sea level. Lake Synevyr rightly considered to be the most valuable natural treasure of National Natural Park “Synevir” and is one of the business cards of Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located 989 meters above sea level, has an average area of 4.5 hectares and its average depth is 8.10 m, maximum – 22 m.

The legend of the lake Synevyr

There is a legend according to which a picturesque lake was formed by the flow of tears of count’s daughter Syn, the place where her lover Vir (simple shepherd from Verkhovyna) was killed by stone block as an order of the graph.

In fact, the lake was formed as a result of strong shift caused by the earthquake, about 10 thousand years ago. At 989 m mountain rocks rose on the way of rapid stream, forming a dam and fully blocking narrow valley. The basin that appeared there got filled with water of three mountain streams. In clear water of the lake Carpathian fish feel good – trout, rainbow trout and brook.

The area Synevyr Lake is about 5 hectares, maximum depth of 22 meters. Landscapes have extremely scenic beauty and grandeur. Steep slopes are covered with slender fir trees, whose age is 140-160 years and are straight near the water surface.
In the middle of the lake there is located, a small island just a few square meters as the pupil blue eye. Hence the popular name – Marine eye.

In the bottom of Synevyr a there is a hole that serves as a natural regulator of water and thus the lake is not out of the banks, even during major floods.

People with their creative imagination try to complete the beauty of nature. The architect Yuriy Solomin successfully inscribed viewing areas in the surrounding landscape. A peninsula rises carved from mahogany sculpture “Syn and Believe.” The height of the monument is 13 meters. Reflecting in the water, it perceived mysterious, like a wonderful tale of immortal love.

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