The top ten summits of the Ukrainian Carpathians

top carpathian summits

Launching the Christmas comet from the summit of Marmaros (by Igor Magnovsky)

Who at least once visited the Ukrainian Carpathians will always remember the summits. Steep, stony, covered with conifer trees or snow – the high mountains are attractive in every period of the year and in all weather conditions. Here is why.

We offer the TOP TEN Carpathian summits to your attention. By the way, nine of the ten summits are located in a chain of the Chorna Hora mountain range.

Mount Bretskul (“Breskul”)

The first summit in our list, mount Bretskul has a height of 1911 meters. It is located next to mount Hoverla and it has a dome-formed summit and it probably it received such a name from the Hutsul dialect adjective”bretskul” means “swollen”. It is worth knowing – near the summit there is a lake with the same name.

Mount Turkul

Like the Bretskul it belongs to the Chorna Hora mountain chain. It has a height of 1933 meters and marks the administrative border between the regions of Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk. The summit of Mt. Turkul has the form of a triangle and it offers a wonderful panorama of the Chorna Hora range.  Near the summit lies Lake Nesamovyte /furious/, one of the best known Carpathian lakes.

Mount Pip Ivan Marmarorosky

The Marmorosy are a unique highland massive that is not similar to the Chorna Hora mountain chain. Locals call the Marmarosy  “Hutsul Alps” because the slopes are a steep rocky formation, sharply divided by ravines and with many steep inclinations. Due to the radical reduction of height the Ukrainian Marmarosy are similar to the European Alps.

There are another two mount Pip Ivans in Ukraine. The Pip Ivan that lies in the Marmarosy massive in Transcarpathia, has a height of 1936 meters. The summit has a pyramid appearance and sharply steep slopes.

Mount Manchul

The Menchul is a mountain that also lies on the border between the regions of Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk. The slopes of the Menchul are not steep and comfortable to climb. It has a height of 1998 meters. In 2009 a civil organization from Ivano-Frankivsk planned to increase the height of the summit by 2,5 meters so that it could be entered in the list of the Ukrainian Two-Thousenders. But plans remained plans and the mount Manchul remains at 1998 meters.

Mount Rebra

This mountain is the lowest among the Carpathian Two-Thousenders with a height of exactly 2001 meters. Here once ran the Polish-Czechoslovakian border line and remains of barbed wire, trenches and stone-markers in the mountain range witness a past political order.

Mount Hutyn Tomnatyk

Mount Hutyn Tomnatyk is the next mountain in the top-ten list and it lies in the Chorna Hora mountain range. It has a height of 2018 meters and it belongs administratively to the district of Rakhiv in the region of Transcarpathia. It is part of the Carpathian biosphere park. On the way to mount Hutyn Tomnatyk one can go on to mount Brebeneskul, where the highest mountain lake in Ukraine is located.

Mount Petros

Mount Petros, also called the “stormy mountain”, one of the most frequented Carpathian summits and one of the most dangerous. It has a height of 2020 meters. Mount Petro lies immediately behind Mount Goverla – between the two mountains a deep and long saddle, which makes mount Petros to appear as a single separate summit. The mountain is often hidden in clouds and lightning regularly strikes the summit. The furiously stormy wind forms the erected metallic guardrail into a spiral.

Mount Pip Ivan Chornogirski

The second summit called Pip Ivan consists of the Chorna Hora range. The summit is generally also called Chorna Hora or White Elephant. All these names are somewhat correct and a right to be used. The summit has 2028 meters. In the morning the slopes of Pip Ivan Mountain are indeed as dark as coal and the white building of the astronomical observatory near the summit explains the name “white elephant”. Especially beautiful becomes Pip Ivan in the winter when the snows surround the observatory. Spend the night one can on the way to Pip Ivan near the quiet Lake Maricheyka, which is located in bush-wood under the summit.

Mount Brebeneskul

Mount Brebeneskul is the second highest summit in the Carpathians. Its height is 2032 meters. The slopes of the mountain are very steep and stony. Sometimes the snow lies on the slopes until the summer.  In the hollow between the mounts Brebeneskul and Hutyn Tomnatyk lies the highland lake Brebeneskul.

Mount Goverla

Mount Goverla is the highest summit in Ukraine. It has a height of 2061 meters above sea level and is without doubt the most popular tourist objects in the Carpathians. The Hungarian name means a translation “snow mountain”. On the summit stand a stone cross in the form of a trident and a capsule with soil form every administrative region of Ukraine is buried.

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