Upstream by the Prut River, just outside Delyatyn begins the village Dora, which is now part of the region importance city Yaremche (Yaremcha). There in Dora on the right of the road can be seen a small beautiful wooden church of St. Michael, built back in 1823. In 1937-1938 in the village there was built a wooden church of St. Elias for Studite monastery. There was a villa of a writer Irene Wilde in Dora, where Lviv’s writers often had meetings.

In Yaremche, in the suburbs (former village) Yamna, there is preserved a wooden church of John the Compassionate, built in 1766. There is also a monument of Oleksa Dovbush in the city. One of the caves and rock out of the city are connected with the name of the famous opryshok. According to some versions, Dovbush brought the stone from the Chornogora to let people know his power. According to legend, there was a castle once beneath the mount Makovytsia above the cave of Dovbush. This place is called Horodysche.

The first mention of Yaremche is dated by 1787 year. In 1940 the village Yaremche became a district center. In 1963, the area was dismantled and Yaremche became a city of regional importance. City Council is subordinated by village Vorokhta and Mykulychyn, Tatariv, Yablunytsa, Palyanytsya, Voronenko. Villages Dora and Yamna became a part of the city.

There is the Carpathian Regional Museum of liberation struggle. But first of all the city and surroundings are a mountain climatic resort and tourist destination known since 1894, when there was the railroad in a valley of Prut River.

According to the census of 2001 the population of the city (with attached villages) was 7900 inhabitants.

On the Prut river, near Yaremche there is wonderful waterfall Gook. In addition you can bargain on the market of Hutsul souvenirs or drink vodka in the restaurant, known from the movie “Annychka.”

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