Horse riding in the Carpathians. The two days tour

horseback tour carpathians ukraine


Our two days horse riding tour in the Carpathians gives a great opportunity to see the beauty of the Ukrainian mountains and feel the local colour that has not changed during the centuries. We will show you a quite different world which is far from the urban vanity, and where small farms are scattered on the hills high in the mountains.


The first day

Our starting point is the city of Ivano-Frankivsk located 600 km from Kyiv (at your desire our guide could meet you at the airport and accompany to Ivano-Frankivsk). Early in the morning we have to leave Frankivsk and get Verkhovyna village (120 km), where our horse journey will start.
horseback trip carpathians
We will start from Verkhovyna at noonday. In 3-4 hours the road will lead us to the typical Carpathian mountain dairy farm with 50 heads of cattle.
staya carpathians
There is no electricity or running water here (only bubbling from the spring). This small farm is called “staia”. A “deputy” manages here and the young boys from the neighboring villages do all the work. It is a hard work. During the day they milked cows and made the most delicious Carpathian cheese.
staya horse tour carpathians
After having a rest and lunch we will continue our way to another small farm. Over the next 4 hours you will have an excellent opportunity to admire sitting in the saddle the alpine meadows, valleys, forests and the untouched nature of the Carpathians.
horseback tour carpathians staying with shepherds
We will stop for the night in a typical wooden house with a beautiful view on the Observatory Pip Ivan, just 30 km from the border with Romania. It is truly a wonderful place. Mr. Wasil and his son Taras manage here. They have about 30 cows and also make cheese. A delicious dinner and local home-distilled vodka wait for you. Rest.

The second day

The next morning, being well rested and after having a breakfast, we will continue our adventure.
horse riding tour carpathians
The route of this day basically will make our way back. For lunch we will stop at the unusual very high rocks. Nobody knows how they appeared there. However, the place is really beautiful. You will have the picnic in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains. In the menu there are roast pork, homemade bread, local delicacies and of course home-distilled vodka.

The road back to Verkhovyna will take about 7 hours. So after 2 days in close contact with the Carpathian nature you will see houses, people and cars again.

The end of the journey. Return to Ivano-Frankivsk.


€300 – single traveler

€370 – two people

€450 – three people

This tour is operated by Green Ukraine. Since 2010 Green Ukraine offers a personalized travel service in the Carpathian mountains.

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